The luxe crystal ritual for your lips

Deja Vu
Deja Vu
This luxurious oil does it all. Infused with rose quartz, the delicate fluid cushions lips while adding a hint of luminous glow.
  • Limited edition!
  • The rose-quartz-crystal-infused emulsion in our lightweight lip oil delivers a serene gleam and soothing feel
  • Because in our innermost souls we’re all control freaks, the degree of color intensity is up to you: One swipe delivers the sheerest tint, while several layers add up to a deeper glow
  • The formula is crazy silky and always distributes color evenly, making it easy to build up your lip shade and shine
  • Available in 3 shine-inducing pastel shades

  • Swipe on a single coat for the sheerest possible wash of color and shine, or add several layers for a richer, glossier look

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