Bouncy highlighter—with a serious sheen!

Happy Glow Lucky
Happy Glow Lucky
Bursting with rose quartz, this highlighting jelly rolls over skin and plays up your bone structure with a gorgeous, pearlescent sheen.
  • Limited edition!
  • This highlighting gelée (“jelly,” if you’re not feeling particularly French) is loaded with rose quartz, so it catches the light and makes skin look luminous, with a pretty, pearlescent glow
  • The bouncy texture glides over naked skin and makeup. That means you can deposit a glow wherever—and whenever—you want it
  • Apply our delightfully bouncy highlighter to the high points of your face—those would be the areas of serious bone structure, like your cheekbones—to shine a light on your features
  • It's perfect for enhancing your décolletage (for when you are feeling French)
  • Available in 2 pearlescent shades 


  • Simply dip a finger into the pot and smooth the highlighter over any feature you want to show off
  • Apply it along your cheekbones to give them a lifted, sculpted look
  • Dab it in the Cupid’s bow above your lip for a full, luscious effect
  • Sweep it over your décolletage to enhance and define that sweet spot

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