Get the Look: Halloween, Three Ways by Lucy Garland 

Don't just show up - make sure you glow up for every Halloween party this year with these three looks by makeup artist, Lucy Garland.

Who says you need face paint to paint your face this Halloween? Not us - or makeup artist and winner of American Beauty Star, Lucy Garland (@lucygarland). Scroll to see how Lucy uses her favorite Revlon products to create these three bold Halloween looks.
  1. Add a pop of pink to your eyes. Using the ColorStay Looks Book™ Eye Shadow Palette in Enigma, apply the darkest pink shade all over your crease. If you want to add some extra drama to your look, continue with this shade slightly above the crease, extending and blending the color outward. Then, drag the shade along your bottom lash line using a fine-tip brush, like our Line & Brow Brush. To finish off your eye shadow, apply the palette’s gold shade to your lid, concentrating in the center to get that bright-eyed, doll-like effect.

  2. Wing it. Using our Sharp Line Liquid Eye Pen, line the top of your eye, gradually thickening the line toward the outer corner. Then, add a flick at the outer corner of your eye following the angle of your bottom lash line. Marry the line with the flick, filling in as needed to finish the liner look off.

  3. Open up your eyes. The key to the “doll-eye” look is thick, separated lashes. Apply our So Fierce™ Mascara in Blackest Black, making sure to gently move the wand back and forth as you apply it to separate your lashes and get some added volume. Don’t forget to apply it to your lower lashes to really achieve that wide, doll-eye look!

  4. Seal it with a pink kiss. No doll face is complete without a final touch of pink on your lips, because there’s no such thing as too much pink with this look. Apply your favorite shade of pink Super Lustrous™ Lipstick - Lucy’s pick is Blushing Mauve.

  1. Start with your eyes. Using the darkest brown shade in the Maverick ColorStay Looks Book™ Eye Shadow Palette, apply a wash of color all over the lid and blend up into your crease. Then, take that same dark brown shade underneath the eye along the lash line to add some extra definition. Connect the eye shadow on your lid and crease with the color underneath your eye by creating a V shape, blending out any harsh lines.

  2. Apply not one, but two wings. Apply the first wing on your eye (see our tip from the first look) with our ColorStay™ Sharp Line Liquid Eye Pen. Start the line of the second wing slightly past the inner corner of your eye for some doe-eyed exaggeration. Continue the line of the second wing on top of the first wing. When you get three-fourths of the way, begin to extend the line outward and upward to create your second wing. (The angle of the second wing should match the first.) To finish it all off, go back and make sure to fill in the gap between the line’s start and your inner corner.

  3. Amp up your lashes. Add that last touch of volume, length and definition to finish off your eye look using a bold mascara, like our So Fierce™ Mascara in Blackest Black. Don’t be shy - apply a few coats for extra volume.

  4. Now for the nose. Bring back your ColorStay Looks Book™ Eye Shadow Palette to create a deer nose. Take the same dark brown shade just used on your eyes, and apply it to the tip of your nose in the shape of an upside down, rounded triangle. Feel free to use your fingers to pack on the pigment!

  5. Go for a two-tone lip. Fully transform into a dashing doe by finishing your look with two shades of Super Lustrous™ Lipstick. Apply the shade Black Cherry to your top lip, and the shade Really Red to your bottom.

  1. Ice out your shadow. Start by applying the turquoise blue shade from the Player ColorStay Looks Book™ Eye Shadow Palette in your crease and on your lid, beginning to form the shape of a V in your outer corner. Then, apply the sapphire blue shade to just your crease, taking the shade straight out toward the end of your brow. You should wind up with a sharp, almost straight line of shadow that would form a V if connected to your outer corner. Resist the urge to blend - we’re going for a cut crease look (which just means sharp definition in your crease, if you didn’t know already). The key to a cut crease is using a precise crease brush, like our Crease Shadow Brush. Apply the light blue shade on your lid for a frosty finish that accentuates your bold blue crease. Tie it all together with So Fierce™ Vinyl Eye Liner in Royal Rules, applying it to your lower lash line.

  2. Draw a wing fit for a queen. Apply ColorStay™ Sharp Line Liquid Eye Pen to your top lash line, gradually thickening the line toward the outer corner and extending it outward at an angle that follows the line of your cut crease to create a wing.

  3. Add a touch of blue definition. Grab your Looks Book Palette once again to finish off your eye shadow. Using the same sapphire blue shade applied earlier to your crease, drag the shadow along your lower lash line to tie the whole look together.

  4. Lengthen and volumize. Complete your eye makeup with a few coats of So Fierce™ Mascara in Blackest Black for long, voluminous lashes.

  5. Finish with frost-bitten lips. Take your throne as the ice queen you are by topping your look off with Super Lustrous™ Lipstick in Midnight Mystery.

Watch, and learn how to get this Ice Queen makeup from Lucy Garland herself.