Get the Look: Shimmer & Gleam

Revlon Girl Magic Crystal Aura Beauty
The more kaleidoscopic the color, the cooler the effect. That was exactly the thought behind this shimmering look—created with our new, limited-edition Crystal Aura collection using shades inspired by the auras that vibe strength, creativity, psychic powers, and purity. Aside from the mandate to go crazy with color on your eyes, keep in mind how makeup artists work when combining shadows with different textures: Powders always go over creams and liquids, not under (unless you’re into flaking and a general mess), and give extra depth to creamy colors, which act as a base that helps set everything in place.
  1. Go for bronze. Get started on these amazing eyes by swiping Crystal Aura Liquid Alloy Eye Shadow in Palm Reader across your lids and up to the crease, being sure to smooth the formula evenly over the entire area. Use your finger to lightly press it into the inner corners of your eyes, then give it all a full minute to dry.

  2. Play with pink in small doses. Add a touch of metallic pink at the start of your lash lines by sweeping on Crystal Aura Putty Powder Eye Beam in Sleeping Spell using our Line & Brow Brush (dab a little on the first third of your lids, too, just for kicks).

  3. Mix your metals. Create an ombré effect by tracing Crystal Aura Putty Powder Eye Beam in Moonstruck out from where you lined with Sleeping Spell, extending it just past the outer corners of your eyes.

  4. Find the silver lining. Draw Crystal Aura ColorStay Crystalized Eyeliner in Black Magic along your waterlines, then highlight under your lower lashes and at the inner corners of your eyes with a thick smudging of Crystal Aura ColorStay Crystalized Eyeliner in White Magic. Not only do your lower lash lines look cool, but this creative technique directs all the attention upward, helping to distract from dark circles and undereye baggage.

  5. Glow the night away. Give your skin a radiant, pearlescent sheen by tapping Crystal Aura Glow Gelée in Glow Lucky over your brow bones, along your cheekbones, out to your temples, and at the center of your chin (seriously, it gives the prettiest touch of highlight). Your middle finger actually works best for this tap dance since it delivers less pressure than your index finger but a bit more than your ring finger (which is also great for the inner corners of the eyes).