Define Your Aura, Any Way You Want

Most of us can’t see the colors of our auras without a special camera—but that doesn’t mean their energy is any less powerful.

Revlon Crystal Aura Product Group Shot
Have you ever worn red lipstick as a power move? Makes sense. Colors can affect our moods and emotions, and that’s exactly what those who read auras—the colored light energy that many believe emanates from each of us and shifts according to how we’re feeling—are able to interpret. Most people can’t actually see their hazy glow without the help of aura photography, so it takes a leap of faith (or a helpful guide) to interpret yours. “An aura is essentially the energetic vibration that a person gives off,” says life coach Chris O’Day (@fitnesswitch), who offers aura readings in Los Angeles. And even if you can’t see your aura, you can transform it and harness its energy. Simply focus on the qualities you want to amplify, and surround yourself with their power colors. Crystal Aura, our new limited-edition makeup collection, lets you mix and match the aura power you’d like to try on each day, depending on your mood and what you need to get done. Here’s how to crack the color code:
  • White Aura. A white aura is about purity and truth, a radiant reflection of every light energy in the rainbow. It indicates new energy—peaceful, loving, and balanced—that hasn’t yet been tainted by the world. Help this transcendent vibe swell bigger and brighter with a sheer, opalescent glow from Crystal Aura Liquid Gleam Potion in 7 Chakras. Use a drop or two to illuminate your cheekbones, or mix it into your favorite moisturizer or foundation for an allover glow.
  • Pink Aura. As you may have guessed from the popularity of rose quartz lately, people who glow pink are “loving, compassionate, and even romantic,” says O’Day. (Auras actually tend to turn pink when a person is in love….) Try dabbing a shimmering pink highlighter, like Crystal Aura Glow Gelée in Psychic (which is infused with rose quartz crystals), where you’d love to be kissed: your cheeks, collarbones, décoletté, and on the Cupid’s bow of your lips.
  • Nude Aura. Like skin tones, there are a wide range of aura colors between pale tan and woody brown, and they all signify someone who is grounded, earthy, and surprisingly creative. Channel that spark by blending Crystal Aura Liquid Alloy Eye Shadow in Palm Reader, a luminous liquid bronze eye shadow, over your lids for warmed-up smoky eyes.
  • Red Aura. If your aura glows red, you’re not afraid to express yourself through the newest makeup trend or, say, a dance challenge. “Red is a very physical energy,” says O’Day. “It reflects the root chakra, which means you’re passionate and powerful.” Level up your red energy with Crystal Aura Putty Powder Eye Beam in Mesmerized, a glimmering garnet eye shadow infused with topaz crystals. Swipe it on your lids for a flickering rosy glow, or layer it on for intense cranberry sparkle.
  • Green Aura. Those emanating a green glow are all heart. An indicator of growth and balance, it also means you’re able to leap toward your goals without losing yourself. Dab the universally flattering, sheer, shimmery Crystal Aura Glow Gelée in Enchantment—a pretty, pearlescent pale green—on your cheekbones and décolletage to help get your Zen on.
  • Blue Aura. Blue auras are a reflection of the third eye, which means your intuition is off the charts and you can probably figure out the villain in every thriller. Try sharpening your sixth sense by giving your lids a light wash of night-sky shimmer, with Crystal Aura Putty Powder Eye Beam in Moonstruck, a sapphire eye shadow infused with prismatic topaz crystals.
  • Purple Aura. A violet glow is linked to the crown chakra at the top of the head, which means you’re more than just intuitive—you’re a visionary. A dreamer with a wild imagination, you’re also incredibly perceptive (and, in some cases, psychic). To move beyond the mundanities of everyday life, try an enlightened swipe of Crystal Aura Crystal Lipstick in Prism and Soul. The sheer, iridescent lavender is infused with rose quartz crystal for an otherworldly shine.
  • Black or Gray Aura. There’s nothing dark or dreary about these shadowy auras. Black captures and transforms energy, so it shows up in your aura when you’re going through positive changes, like unloading a toxic friend or forgiving someone (like, yourself!). Wise up to the next step in your evolution with Crystal Aura Liquid Alloy Eye Shadow in Wicked Potion. Blend it all over your lids for a metallic smoky look, or apply it with a brush for a well-defined lash line.
  • Gold Aura. To those lucky enough to spot it, a gilded aura looks like soul jewelry and indicates someone with a link to the divine. “It’s a very awake, activated energy,” O’Day says, “and a sign of an inspired life.” Who couldn’t use a touch of enlightenment to elevate their day? Crystal Aura Glow Gelée in Witchery imparts an ethereal glow on the cheekbones for angles that are out of this world.